Scholarships For African Americans

Why aren’t there any university scholarships exclusively for white males?

There are scholarships for african americans, natives, women, hispanics, asians etc. but none are specifically for white males. What gives? This is not a racist question, it is true. I think that it is racist that you would give money to someone because they are a certain color, why not just have general scholarships based on marks, community involvement etc. instead of playing the race card?

I understand where you are coming from bc by 2042 caucasian americans are projected to be in the minority, and there are plenty of them who have a hard time affording college. But read more on the link below and do some research at your college to see what type of scholarships are available for you to apply.

In response to the statement below maybe a few select feminists would be upset but I don’t think it would stop male scholarships from passing. The majority of college women aren’t feminists, and aren’t going to mind or even know about male only scholarships. I know a lot of men that dropped out but they chose too. Anyone who wants to go to college can if you really wanted. I’m a single female who wasn’t able to get a grant, and didn’t have a scholarship but made it through on minimum wage and working hard.

Scholarships & Financial Aid : Finding Scholarships for African Americans

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