Small Business Marketing

small business marketing
I am a student in the UK and i want to set up a small marketing business, what do i actually have to do to mak?

i would like to know if i have to notify somebody in terms of government ?
do i have to pay anything ?

you got to look out as there are so many work at home jobs on the internet but most of them are a con.
look at what is around on the internet but just look at this time.
i have just started up a new online shopping store but i had to pay for this.
you get the site for life and you sale the items.
you will need to no about the internet as if you are not seen on the net then it do not matter if you have the best site no one will find you.
if you have got some time just put normanscaravan in google and you will find me there.
it has taken me about 6 years to get all these pages on google so it is had work unless you pay around £1.200 a year to google to get listed.
i have just started up a new online shopping store put this in google and you will not find me.
put this in the the top bar of any internet explore and you will find my site.
just think before you leap a lot of rip of and scams on the internet.
I can tell you moor information FOR FREE if you wish to email me from my web site you will find my email on one of these sites

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