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starting home business
How Do I Go About Starting A Small Home Business in NC?

I’m looking to start a new small home business in Sampson County North Carolina, I live on the Sampson/Johnston line so it doesn’t matter which county i enroll my business with. I have no experience in business. This is a business that is for jewelry.. handmade and everything. Where can i go to find out what i need and what the regulations are for this?

Congratulations for trying to start up your own business.

You will want to check with your State Department of Revenue and the IRS. You can do this online. For NC the state would be and for the federal (IRS) it would be

They will both have a business section you will want to read about to determine what types of forms will need to be filled out. You will probably want a tax ID to use.

To register the name of your business in your county, you must contact the county register of deeds office.

To make sure if you need to get a license to operate your business or not you should contact your Secretary of State at and phone number 919-807-7556.

To get information about sale tax you need to collect, reach Taxpayer Information at 336-334-5656.

When I started up my business I also got some mentoring on advertising and how to put my business online. That may be a step you may want to take later on once you get the jewelry business up and running.

Hope these links and phone numbers help you out.

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