Student Education Grants

student education grants
Is there any grants for students trying to pursue the education feild?

I am trying to become a k-12 teacher, and am currently attending college. I was just wondering if there was any grants I can apply for to help with the costs.

depends on whether you spell check your applications better than the title to your question 😉

But seriously, grants are generally applied for via your FAFSA and are based on financial need. Other than that, grants are usually reserved for research on the undergraduate level.

Scholarships, however, are definitely available for students pursuing a degree in education. Like grants they don’t need to be repaid but unlike research grants, there aren’t as many strings attached.

Check with your financial aid office for scholarship options. Sallie Mae has one available year-round. There are also a ton available at this site: I’m in my final year, so it’s to late for me to apply, but the fin. aid office at my school was handing out leaflets on this site. I browsed it and it looks like there are quite a few reasonable scholarships on there.

Also, check to see if the college of education department at your school has any scholarships available. Ours does and students can fill out one form to qualify for like 20 different scholarships.

Good luck!

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