Top 10 Work From Home Jobs

top 10 work from home jobs
Have you ever worked for a firm that doesn’t recognise experience or qualifications only brown nosing?

I started with my firm 3 years ago, most experienced person in the place, yet was put at the bottom of the ladder behind people with no experience, I soon came to recognise it wasnt what you know its whos tail you sniff, my line leader and supervisor have 0 experience, and because of this they wonder why its all going wrong and why they need a line leader, 2 supervisors, manager and director to manage a work force of 10, a job 1 experienced person could easily do. And when you offer advise they don’t listen to you, talk clean over the top of you ordering you to do something else, It makes me mad. I’d leave only there is no where else to go.

PS and no I don’t want to earn $100 a day etc working from home so dont bother posting cra**y referals

nearly everywhere is like that pal. it’s a case of who you know/ arse kiss rather than what you know. always has been and always will. fook ’em all!

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