Top Home Based Businesses

top home based businesses
Be aware of work-at-home scams?

I’ve noticed that a lot of the people in this section say they want to supplement their disability income with money from a home based business. I’ve been interested in that stuff before but be careful of that. That’s like one of the top 10 scams of our modern world! Yes there’s legit ones in certain fields such as medical transcription and a legit one doesn’t promise you like thousands or millions of dollars just by working part-time.
And also I guess my question is, do you think scammers see SSI or SSDI recipients as easy targets?

crabby said it so well!
My lazy friends have used every make it big at home scam and they still keep looking for the “I do no work job and make 1000 a week doing it”!
They have done!
Stuffing envelopes!3 times
Home based assembling for 4 different places!
Mystery shoppers!Still do this one just so they get to shop and go out to eat but they have to spend their own money then get a check for product of dinning!But it cost them gas money and no profit over what they spent!!
Ebay but they said that was to much work!

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