Transcription Jobs Work From Home

transcription jobs work from home
Do you need to have a career diploma to do medical or other transcription work from home?

I am currently a new mom and looking for a legit job I can do at home. I am willing to pay for courses to take if I need to. Someone told me I can do medical transcription at home. How does this work? Should I take courses online first? Is it difficult to find a job if you have a career diploma in the field? Any advice on this topic would be appreciated. Thanks!

You do not need to have a diploma to do medical transcription from your home.

There are legit schools: Andrews and careerstep courses are ones that are at the top of the list. They will also help you get a job. These are legit schools and do cost to take these courses. They are at your own pace courses.

MT work is done from home on a production basis. You can make money if you work you butt off. Can you type fast? You can probably also take a Health information management course at a community college to get some ideas. You will need to take a terminology class, anatomy and physiology class, typing classes, computer program classes like word, excel, access.

People that have never done MT work have no idea what it is you have to put into it. It is not “just a stay at home job”. It is a real job. It takes hours a day to put in your 1000 lines or whatever your line count is you need per day. LIne counts are counted by 65-character lines either with or without spaces. Yes, you are paid by how much you time.

If you see these places that say work at home seminar and such, these couple of hour seminars will get you no where. Not one legit transcription company will pay you to work there. Your pay rate starting off can be anywhere from 4 cents to 8 cents per line. Very rarely is there a company that will pay you more than that especially starting off.

My suggestion is to go to the CareerStep website. Read the information. (Say careerstep because I took some of this course). They are friendly, have support sites, forums, and on and on. They also have a billing course if you prefer that.

Good luck.

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