Typing Jobs At Home

typing jobs at home

Having recently become incapacitated and bedridden, I still have movement of my arms, The internet allows me to reach out, but I also spend many hours online. I would love a job as an at home typist to have some additional income, but every company I have contacted wants money from me. Does anybody know if there are any legitimate companies who could utilize my talent, determination and willingness? Best wishes and Peace

You’ll get lots of scammers answering here, don’t fall prey. But, at the same time, please don’t listen to the people saying they are ALL SCAMS. They aren’t ALL scams, just MOST of them are!

I’m a single mom of 2 who’s tried over 15 opportunities over 3 years so I have some great info for you on how to find a LEGIT way to work at home plus a list of top 10 work at home scams!

People are looking for work from home and the biggest problem is they don’t understand that there really are NO WORK AT HOME JOBS. You won’t find hourly pay from home. You can look forever, you’ll never find it. The only way to earn an income from home is to find a legit home business.

Small home businesses have increased in the last 5 years by about 200%. People are starting to realize that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. The best home businesses to start are those with a proven plan in place like Mary Kay however if you’re like me, you’re not interested in pushing products.

Legit home businesses should have a small cost involved but be careful, all the scams will be charging too so know the business! Talk to a REAL person and ask questions. Less than $500 to start is reasonable and I’d stay away from those wanting $1k – $5k. It doesn’t cost that much to start a home business so don’t pay it. If you’re coming across places that say free then RUN the other way! They never are in the end!

After trying 15 things, I now work about 25 hours per week for a well known and respected company w/ amazing credentials. This company actually helps keep Americans Safe by offering Medical and Dental plans as well as things like roadside assistance, credit repair and National Child ID in partnership with the FBI. We also help Americans save money on things they need and buy every day. The average American household saves $400 a month using these plans.

Anyway, I started with this company 3 years ago and started making $500 a month within 3 months. That income has increased now to $900 a week. No, it’s not $10,000 a day like those scams advertise but this isn’t a get rich quick scheme. If that’s what you are looking for you should think again! The best part is they have 401(k), direct deposit and a health plan from day one.

With this company there’s NO products to sell or store, NO hard selling or pushing, NO Bugging Friends and Family, NO cold calling, NO home parties and NO telemarketing! That was VERY important to me. Figure out what you DON’T want to do as well and make sure you find a company that fits with that!

I work as part of a team with other reps in the company. I had at least 5 of their home phone #’s the day I started. This is a big one: Make sure that you’re going to have others to work with. Don’t find out you just paid a start up cost and you will be trained by someone in a call center who has NO REAL idea what you are actually supposed to do. Make sure you are trained by other reps just like you, and ask for names and numbers! If they won’t give them, walk away!

I was scared at first because there are lots of scams, but this company’s credentials FAR SURPASSED any other I had ever seen. They are members of the National Association of Dental Plans and the US Chamber of Commerce and have been featured in Parent Magazine, Time Magazine, on 60 Minutes and many other places. They are partnered with the FBI on one of their plans that helps American’s protect their kids. This company has an “A” RATING WITH THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU! These are some of the types of national credentials you need to be looking for during your search and make sure they have a C or better rating with the BBB.

My point here is to tell you, YES! There actually are legit work at home options so press forward! You will find them eventually!

AVOID these top 10 work at home scams:

10. Craft Assembly
9. Medical Billing
8. Email/Rebate Processing
7. “A List of Companies Looking for Home workers!”
6. “Just pay for and take this class first” Then we’ll give or find you a job!
5. Envelope Stuffing
4. “Turn Your Computer Into a Money-Making Machine!”
3. Pyramid Schemes (this is NOT the same as Multi-Level Marketing MLM)
2. Chain Letters/Emails
1. Typing At Home / Data Entry (The biggest scam out there. 100% of them are scams!)

As for those of you who say: ”I want to work from home but I don’t want to have to pay for anything”. Well, that’s great! But it’s not realistic. Let’s be honest, there is no such thing as a free lunch. If it is a true honest legitimate home business, you need to expect to pay a little something. Mr. Walt Disney didn’t start the Disney empire “without paying for anything”. Neither did Mr. Sam Walton, owner of Wal-Mart.

Good luck in your search!

If you want to know more, want help deciding if something is a scam, or just want to chat with me you can click on my profile to the left.

Best Wishes!

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