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How many projects are you currently working on?

For those who freelance, how many different projects are you currently working on? I am a freelance writer, i run an (inactive) frugal living forum, i do surveys, i’m preparing to work from home taking calls, and i belong to a gazillion message boards, social networking sites, and online forums. Is this too much? How do i compare to you?

I am working on too many things all the time. I maintain 3 web sites, 3 graphics projects, 2 audio, 1 database for my drivers, 2-3 IT Tech mails, and 2-3 IT Tech calls per day.
I am working on several autorun CD projects (Karaoke, Screensavers, and Custom Programs for three other computer stores in my town), as well as working on at least 1 customers computer per day. I do price several build or upgrade packages per week, and printing all things related to my business. I also post to 2-4 message boards, this one included. I maintain a video security system for a local grocery store from my home.
I have 4 small children I have to care for when they get home from school. The one thing I don’t get the time to do is sleep very much. But I guess we will get enough of that when we die, hey?

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