Work At Home Typist

work at home typist
Does Anybody know of Legitimate work at home Data Entry Companies that you dont have to pay to get started?

Or does somebody have a lists already that has names of Companies that are hiring for data Entry positions/ Home typists.

Honestly, in all the searching I have done, the “data entry” ones are all scams, either requiring you to pay or sucking your time.

Having been in your situation a little while back I looked into a LOT of programs, some of which were scams (a good many), some of which paid but not enough to make it worth your time, and a very few that actually worked.

Be wary of programs that want you to pay a large start-up fee. Read thoroughly their terms of service and make sure they are going to be offering you a service worth that fee.

In resources I will list a few of the companies that I’ve found to actually pay worth the time I put into them, they are paying for reading e-mails (or clicking through at least).

Keep in mind that not every program will work for you and be selective. Track the results you get from each program.

Good luck finding the one(s) that works best for you!

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